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07 Oct 11 Chrome OS: the verdict



Posted on 7 Oct 2011 at 10:47

Is Google’s “web only” OS ready to take on Windows, Mac and Linux? We give it a real-world road test

Near-instant boot times, no viruses and zero support costs: Google is remarkably bullish about the potential of Chrome OS. Google is marketing the cloud-based OS as “nothing but the web”, but will that be enough to tempt the consumers, businesses and schools that have grown used to computers that do much more?

With claims that it’s as suited to life in the home as on the road, as adept in a primary school as in big business, we decided to put Chrome OS to the test. For one week, our laptops editor Sasha Muller pushed his Windows laptop to one side, plugged in the Chromebook, and saw how far he could get with nothing more than the browser-based Chrome OS. You can find out how he got on here.

We also explore the case for deploying Chromebooks in your business, and find out what they offer to education.

Finally, we’ve listed our top 20 Chrome OS web apps, which you can try today using the Chrome web browser, before deciding to take the plunge with a Chromebook.

Chrome OS: the verdict

A week with Chrome OS

The business case for Chrome

Is Chrome OS right for schools?

20 of the best Chrome OS apps

Author: Barry Collins, Andrew Eldridge, Sasha Muller

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