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18 Oct 11 Chrome Passes Firefox Market Share For The First Time

Google’s Chrome web browser briefly exceeded Firefox market share last weekend by a miniscule margin. IE market share continue its decline and now averages less than 40% market share.

Firefox dropped to a new weekend low last weekend and slightly exceeded Chrome market share with 26.62% vs. 26.59% on Saturday, but dropped below Chrome on Sunday with 26.16% vs. 26.22%, according to market share data provided by StatCounter.

For the first half of October, IE averages 39.99%, Firefox 26.68% and Chrome 24.85%. Compared to September, IE is down 1.67 points, Firefox is down 0.11 points and Chrome is up 1.24 points. Safari has picked up 0.37 points to 5.97% market share and Opera is up 0.11 points to 1.83%. In our 6-month trend rating, Google is near its maximum value of 6.56 market share points gained over the past 6 months, while Firefox lost 2.99 points and IE lost 4.53 points.

If the current trend holds up, then Chrome will match Firefox market share next month in StatCounter’s charts.

Chrome’s advance is largely driven by its success in South America, where the browser has exceeded IE market share IE market share on 7 of the past 16 days. Chrome hit a record 40.82% share in South America yesterday. In Asia, Chrome has become the second most popular browser with an average share of 26.6%, ahead of Firefox with 25.15%, but well behind IE, which still dominates with 43.81%.

In North America, IE leads with 44.33%, followed by Firefox with 23.15% and Chrome with 20.01%. Safari is particularly strong in the U.S. with a share of 11.91% (and 11.31% in North America overall).

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