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14 Oct 11 Chrome Remote Desktop Extension Stretches Chrome OS Horizons

Chrome Remote Desktop Extension Stretches Chrome OS Horizons

by Sam Dean – Oct. 13, 2011Comments (0)

If you’re using a Chromebook and depending on Google’s Chrome OS as your operating system, it’s well worth taking note of the new Chrome Remote Desktop (beta) extension. It works like standard remote control software always has but has lots of positive implications for Chrome OS, given that Chrome OS works on a cloud-centric basis and eschews many local computing practices. Using it, you can share with or get access to another comupter by providing a one-time authentication code.

The most important thing to note about this extension is that you can use it to remotely connect any two computers that are running the Chrome browser, whether the systems are running Windows, Linux, Mac OS, or Chrome OS. Given that Chrome OS doesn’t work with local files and applications as other operating systems do, that can mean a Chrome OS user has potential access to lots of locally stored data on any remote system. For a lot of users, this will extend the flexibility of Chrome OS.

Of course, some business implementing IT strategies based on Chromebooks, because they are inexpensive and emphasize security, will also be interested in the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. It can not only allow easy remote sessions in support scenarios, but IT administrators can use it to take over employees’ systems and solve problems themselves.

You can read much more about this extension here, and it will likely take on new functionality over time. 


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