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12 Oct 11 GDC Austin 2011: Spacetime Studios talks Star Legends

Star Legends -- GDC Online 2011

To commemorate the game’s journey to Chrome, the devs have implemented an in-game event that will see players hunting down Droid characters, each of which is equipped with a Red, Green, or Yellow jetpack. Collecting a jetpack of each color will grant a special jetpack item that in turn grants the wearer a speed boost.

The level cap has also been increased to 31, though the devs take a point to note that while level 30 can be acquired with relative ease, level 31 is “quite a grind” for the truly dedicated. In order to reach the elusive level 31, players will be able to venture into Sloucho Productions. Once a successful movie studio, Sloucho Productions has fallen prey to a robot uprising, as is inevitable in any sci-fi universe. Players will be tasked with quelling the robotic rebellion, lest the androids take over the world — or at the very least, the film industry.

What else is in store for the game in coming times? Well, fans who have been following the project from the beginning should be pleased to know that one of the features advertised in the original trailer, spacecraft, is still planned, though the team isn’t ready to announce a date.

For more information on Spacetime Studios and its titles, keep an eye on Beau’s MMObility column.

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