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13 Oct 11 GDC Online: Spacetime Bridges Browser And Mobile With Star Legends MMO


GDC Online: Spacetime Bridges Browser And Mobile With Star Legends MMO

by Frank Cifaldi [Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, GDC Online, Programming, Business]
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October 12, 2011


GDC Online: Spacetime Bridges Browser And Mobile With  Star Legends  MMO

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Pocket Legends creator Spacetime Studios’ latest mobile MMO, Star Legends, will be the first to bridge cross-platform play between mobile devices and web browsers.

The game, which is on display at GDC Online this week, has been ported from its Android and iOS renditions to the Google Chrome browser, in what the studio describes as a close collaboration with Google engineers.

The port was made possible by Google’s Native Client SDK, which allows native C++ code to run inside of a sandboxed environment within the browser.

When the game is released, it will be the first Native Client game available on Google’s Chrome Web Store.

“This is a significant landmark in the fulfillment of our mission to create a social gaming ecosystem where people play together regardless of device or location,” sayid Spacetime co-founder and CTO Anthony Sommers.

The free-to-play MMO has been available for some time for mobile devices. The browser version will be available on the Chrome Web Store as soon as Native Client support is available to the public, a date for which Google has not yet committed to.

Spacetime has been investing in cross-platform mobile and web development following an investment round in 2010.

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