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16 Oct 11 Google Chrome gains 200M users

After just three years, Google’s fast-growing browser Chrome has gained at least 200 million users, a tech site reported Friday (Manila time).

Tech site Mashable quoted Google CEO Larry Page as saying the Chrome browser hit the 200-million mark three years since it debuted in 2008.

Mashable also cited figures from eWeek showing Chrome had some 160 million users in May, up from 120 million in December 2010.

It added Chrome has surpassed Mozilla’s Firefox to be the second most popular browser after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in some markets like the United Kingdom.

“Among Mashable readers, meanwhile, Chrome is the most popular,” it added.

Earlier this month, Web analytics firm Net Applications said Chrome continued to nibble away at Firefox for second place in the browser wars.

Net Applications said that while Firefox kept second spot and Chrome third as of September 2011, Firefox’s share is decreasing while Chrome’s is increasing.

Internet Explorer continued to hold the lead in September with 54.39 percent but its share has been going down as well since November 2010. — TJD, GMA News

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