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08 Oct 11 How to check Google Reader from the Chrome toolbar

Google Reader

Do you check your Google Reader feeds every 5 minutes? If you want to save a little time,  check your unread Google Reader items, right from the Chome toolbar. Here’s how:

Download and install the Chrome browser extension called, Google Reader Notifier (by Google). Once installed, you’ll notice a new Notifier button next to your other extension buttons. If you have unread items, it will display the number of unread items on the button itself.

Google Reader Notifier button(Credit:
Screenshot by Ed Rhee)

To choose how often Notifier checks for unread items, right-click on the Notifier button and select Options. You can then choose update intervals of 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes.

Notifier options(Credit:
Screenshot by Ed Rhee)

To open a preview list of unread items, left-click on the Notifier button. From here, you can click on unread items, select different folders (tags), and mark all as read.

Preview list(Credit:
Screenshot by Ed Rhee)

That’s it. Now you can quickly check your unread Google Reader items, right from your Chrome toolbar. While we’re talking about Google Reader, don’t forget to subscribe to, so you can keep up with all of our latest tips and tricks!

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