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27 Nov 11 Aura Is Google Chrome’s Next User Interface

Google is currently developing a new user interface for its web browser, Google Chrome, titled as ‘Aura Interface’. The Aura Interface is purposed to implement hardware based capabilities as an advanced feature. The Chromium Blog gives a brief description of the Aura Interface describing it as a desktop window manager with modern capabilities.

The contents of window are generated from a hierarchy of views. A view hierarchy would be  hosted within a Widget. A Widget is a cross-platform type, making the Aura Interface a Cross-Platform code. The NativeWidget would do all the work of translating platform-specific notifications into cross platform views. The Chrome UI is originally written for Windows and so for Mac and Desktop-Linux ports of Chrome, a different strategy for UI is implemented, stressing more on using the native toolkits offered on those platforms (Cocoa and Gtk).

A video of the first look of the Aura Interface is available here. The video gives us a limited insight into the working features of the Aura version of Chromium. A demo of translucent windows and window dragging is shown.

Source: The Chromium Blog Image Credit: tomshardware

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