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02 Nov 11 Browser Wars Heat Up: IE Ebbs, Chrome Surges

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In the battle for control of your desktop Internet browser, Microsoft‘s dominance is gradually being nibbled away.

New data from Netmarketshare shows that Microsoft Internet Explorer accounted for 52.63% of desktop Internet browser usage in October, down from 54.39% a month ago. It is the 8th straight month that IE has lost market share. Firefox holds 22.51% of the market, up a hair from 22.48% in September, and down a bit from 23.69% in December 2010. Google Chrome continues to gain share, and now has 17.62% of the market, up from 10.36% in December. Apple Safari has 5.43% share, up from 5.02% in September, and 4.02% last December. Opera‘s share of the  market is down to 1.56%, from 1.67% in September, and 2.27% in December. Other browsers accounted for just 0.24% share in the latest month.

Netmarketshare also offers some other fascinating bits of data on other global Web market share trends:

Mobile browsing is dominated by Apple…

  • Safari: 62.2%
  • Android Browser: 18.7%
  • Opera Mini: 13.1%
  • Symbian Browser: 2.6%

Mobile/tablet OS market share also is ruled by Apple…

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): 61.6%
  • Android: 12.8%
  • Java ME: 12.8%
  • Symbian: 3.5%

Mobile/tablet search share is dominated by you-know-who…

  • Google: 91.1%
  • Yahoo: 7%
  • Microsoft Bing: 1.1%
  • Baidu: 0.5%

Desktop OS share is still dominated by Redmond…

  • Windows: 91.9%
  • Mac: 6.9%
  • Linux: 1.2%

Desktop search share is largely a one-horse race…

  • Google: 82.4%
  • Yahoo: 6.8%
  • Baidu: 4%
  • Bing: 4%.

All kinds of interesting takeaways here. For one thing, on a global basis, Google is even more dominant in search than it is in the U.S. For another, while Android may be outselling Apple devices right now, from an installed basis viewpoint, Apple is still dominant. And interesting to see just how dominant Windows remains in the desktop OS business.

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