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29 Nov 11 Built-in Dev Tools in Firefox 10 Look More Chrome-ish

Firefox (150 px).pngFor most of its existence, Firebug has been the de facto JavaScript developers’ console for Firefox; and for several years, most Web development in general involved Firebug to at least some extent. Now with HTML5 developers expecting to see more workbench functionality built into the browser, Firefox finds itself in yet another chase, this time not only with Google Chrome but with Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer, in a race to incorporate functionality that Firebug users had always thought they had.

Mozilla’s latest nightly build of Aurora, the development channel for Firefox, reveals the incorporation of at least one new feature in its growing built-in dev toolkit that, while welcomed, will already look familiar to some who’ve sneaked into the Chrome camp: a “bread crumbs” toolbar that represents the relationships between page divisions in the active DOM model, and lets you click on a division name to see it isolated in the browser.

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