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26 Nov 11 Chrome’s New Version Gets Fresh Garbage Collector & Speed Boost

A brief blog post that was released by Google, introduces the new incremental garbage collector (GC) in Google Chrome’s upcoming version. The new Garbage Collector (GC) is said to improve interactive performance with respect to web apps and HTML5.

A simple GC when executes, halts the program while its collection cycle completes. To avoid this Incremental garbage collectors are designed. The incremental GC that Chrome is set to use, instead of halting the program, interleaves its work with the rest of the activities. It performs the garbage collection cycle in discrete phases, so that program execution is permitted between each phase.

The new version, which is tagged under the V8 project is still under progress. Google has made efforts here to spike the peak performance of web apps. Also, keeping in mind the coming of technologies like WebGL in various web apps as well as the new version of Google Maps, an interactive environment with high quality graphics has to be maintained.

In a speed-intensive world, avoiding pauses and sustaining smooth flow is important. The previous GCs that Chrome used did not work on the incremental design and hence if a large amount of memory had to be cleared, pauses were inevitable. Hence, the performance of  large interactive apps was hindered. V8’s new GC claims to reduce pause times tremendously while not compromising on great peak performance and memory use.

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