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13 Nov 11 Google Acquires Apture to Improve Chrome

Google recently purchased Apture, which is a startup based in San Francisco. It has technology that adds contextual links as a user browse through the internet. Then it would provide information in a new window when the user hovers over the links. Apture

Apture founder Tristan Harris said that the Chrome team from Google helped with the deal but he didn’t give any details as to what the search giant plans to do with the technology. The obvious answer would be hat Google will use the acquired technology to add more links to its services within Chrome.

Apture’s technology could be used in the browser to highlight addresses within web pages. Users could then be taken to Local listings or Google Maps when they hover over the addresses. At present, Chrome is used by Google to make searches easier. Users find it easier to search using Chrome’s address bar than any other browsers.

Chrome also makes sure that Google influence web standards and keep its services within users’ reach. Larry Page said that Chrome is a vital part of Google’s long term plan. The company has put a lot of money in advertising its web browser this year. More links to Google services from within the Chrome bowser would justify its investment.

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