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01 Nov 11 Google News: Google Chrome Tab Page Also Gets a Face Lift

Google News: Google Chrome Tab Page Also Gets a Face Lift

Posted in Google on Tuesday, November 01, 2011, 12:28

Google has been rolling out updates at lightning speed recently with Blogger, Google Reader, Gmail, and Google Docs all getting the Google+ face lift in the last few weeks.

The homepage had a slight update a couple of months ago with the addition of the black navigation bar, but this time Google has tweaked the way the Tab Page Chrome displays your ‘Most Visited’ page and ‘Apps’ in a different way. 

The old design displayed apps and most visits with their own drop down displays, however, the new design features each option on its own page which can be tabbed across via navigation at the bottom of the page.

The design is nothing significant and unlike the backlash Google is facing as a result of the Google Reader update, users shouldn’t have too much to complain about.

The only change which is proving to be slightly annoying is the removal of the ‘recently closed’ list that once ran underneath your most visited pages. It now sits as a drop down in the bottom right hand corner of the page which is a somewhat superfluous change given that the new design doesn’t allow for more ‘most visited’ tabs. The spacing hasn’t effectively changed.

Apart from that the new Tab page isn’t anything offensive and is just another step towards Google’s universal platform dream.

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