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16 Dec 11 Google Cloud Print Connects 6M Printers Via Chrome

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) said Google Cloud Print has
connected more than 6 million printers via the Google Chrome Web browser, the
first time the search engine giant-turned business computing provider has
released statistics for its Web-based printing service.

More importantly, the new Chrome 16 build lets anyone
using the browser on Windows, Mac and Linux computers will print any webpage to
Google Cloud Print. Previously, this capability was only available via

Google introduced Google Cloud Print in April 2010 to let any application print to any
printer from any computing device using Google’s cloud computing

The Web service was designed to enable printing for
notebook computers based on its Chrome Operating System, a Web-based operating
system that eschews drivers. Google, which is positioning Chrome OS as a way to
extend its cloud and mobile computing efforts, said it did not want to build a
bunch of printer drivers for every computing device and operating system.

Thus Cloud Print, which the companyformally rolled out this year and gained support from printer power
Hewlett-Packard in April 2011.

Chrome OS-based Chromebooks rolled out from Samsung and Acer rolled out this
past summer, but adoption of the machines has been tepid at best.Both companies are now selling the machines for $300.

Despite the lukewarm reception to Chromebooks, Google Cloud Print Product Manager Akshay
Kannan said
in a blog post Google has seen “a surge of enthusiasm from
users and developers.”

In addition to the 6 million Cloud Print-connected
printers, he said dozens of cloud-ready printers have been released or
announced by Epson, HP and Kodak. Also, developers have built applications and
extensions to port the service to run on mobile devices based on Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS and Google’s own
Android platform.

Kannan also noted that Google now enables Cloud Print
users to their printers with friends and family, while users can now save their
online receipts and confirmation pages to the Google Docs collaboration

Webmasters can add the print button
element to their Website to enable printing functionality for tablets and
mobile phones, and Google turned on print preview for Chromebooks.

Google plans to enable Cloud Print from more Google apps
and work with partners to add more printers and printing services.


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