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Chrome Passes Firefox, Google May Pull Out Support: I stopped using Firefox around the 20th time it made me do something I shouldn’t have had to do because it sucked as a browser. Firefox used to be my hero, now I regard it as somewhat dangerous, and I only use Google Chrome. My productivity has gone way up.

Apparently other people have had similar experiences, because according to at least some measures, Firefox has been overtaken by Chrome in the browser wars. Chrome is now the “new number 2″ second only to the Browser for the Stupid People (and there are a lot of stupid people).

On, one year ago, Firefox was browser number one among our readers (42%) followed by IE (22%) with chrome coming in at third with 17%. Today, we hae Firefox at 32%, Chrome at 26% and IE at 20% with, notably, Safari moving out of the single digit pack and reaching 13%.

I suspect that reflects an increase in mobile browser use. At a later time, I may delve into those data more closely.

Anyway, the word on the street is that Google may drop support of Firefox. Firefox is not simply being used less, but has had other problems that have annoyed users and developers, and the sort sorts of personnel changes that often signal trouble. None of which I care about since I don’t use it any more.

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