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03 Jan 12 Chrome surpasses Firefox to be #2 browser

By 3 News online staff

Google’s Chrome browser has finally overtaken Firefox, and is fast cutting into Internet Explorer’s market share, according to the latest statistics from StatCounter.

Though it’s only been around for three years, Chrome has rocketed to around 27 percent, surpassing Firefox, which has fallen to 25 percent, down from 31 percent a year ago.

A year ago, Chrome had only 15 percent of the browser market.

Microsoft’s IE over the last few years has dropped markedly – at one point over 90 percent of all internet use was done on IE. Now, according to StatCounter, it’s just under 50 percent.

Another company, NetMarketShare, has Chrome on 19 percent and Firefox on 22 percent, but the trend the same – Chrome will overtake Firefox, and IE will continue to bleed.

Facebook recently dropped support for IE7, encouraging users to switch to the latest version – IE9 – or another browser, like Firefox 9 or Chrome 16.

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