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05 Jan 12 Google Chrome may have been demoted, but still has the first ad

Chrome still a top ad and itself hasn’t been demoted.

So Google demoted in its web rankings after the pay-to-post fiasco.

Or did it?

If you search for “browser” in Google right now you probably won’t find anywhere on the first page.

Except for an ad. The first ad, as a matter of fact.

Sure, Google’s Chrome unit probably has to pay out of its budget for the Adwords it buys, but isn’t that playing with house money?

Also, itself hasn’t been demoted. That’s a problem.

After all, if I had a directory on this site, such as, and got manually penalized by Google, do you think it would just be the directory /chrome that was demoted? Of course not. It would be the entire site.

It looks like Google is trying to save face but isn’t willing to penalize its entire domain name.

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