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23 Jan 12 My Google Chrome Alphabet

001 Alphabet After Serlio letterA q75 500x432 300x259 My Google Chrome AlphabetI love Google Chrome, because you can type a single letter into the address bar and press Enter and up comes one of the sites you use most. As Timewaster of the Year, I offer you my fortunately fairly unrevealing Google Chrome alphabet:

a Amazon

b Independent Blogs (the address is, which is the tag for “Questions to Which the Answer is No”, because that was originally “Headlines in the Form of …”)

c OnTheBox television guide (“Channel Hopping”)

d Daily Mail

e Ethos Journal, for which I sometimes write

f Facebook

g Google front page

h Facebook (via “http:/”, possibly because that page had recently come up)

i Independent

j goes to the Google search for “j”; the first item being the Wikipedia entry for J: “The letter j originated as a swash character, used for the letter i at the end of Roman numerals when following another i, as in xxiij instead of xxiii.” Swash. That is now word of the day.

k does the same for “k”, but the first item is K as the New York Stock Exchange code for Kellogg Company, whose shares went down and then up again today.

l same, Wikipedia entry for L; this is getting boring.

m goes to a private web-based email account (its address begins “mail”)

n, the official site of the National Football League

o Ocado

p (live feed of House of Commons)

q Google search for “q”: first item, Q magazine

r Google search for “rawnsley”: first item, his page at the Guardian; I looked for him this morning, but he hadn’t written a column today (surprised “rentoul” didn’t come up, but then I am such a self-effacing person)

s O2 (“swapmysim”)

t Tesco online groceries

u Google search for “u”: first item, Wikipedia entry for U

v Google search for “v”: first item V, code for Visa Inc on NYSE

w Google search for “w”, first item the IMDb entry for the film W, about George W Bush

x Google search for “x”: first item X, code for United States Steel Corporation on NYSE

y YouTube

z Google search for “z”: first item Z, code for Zillow Inc (NASDAQ)‎

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