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31 Jan 12 sixty second shooter, hidden gem in the Chrome Web Store, available now

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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Spider-Man 2 and Schizoid creator Jamie Fristrom is proud to
announce his new 3D old-school mouse-and-keyboard free-to-play
shooter sixty second shooter for Chrome – playable on Mac,
Windows, Linux, and ChromeBooks.


Media Presskit:


A lone tetrahedron must battle an endless onslaught of cubes,
spirals, corkscrews and other procedurally-generated abstract
shapes as it descends through glowing cylindrical level portals and
collects cross-shaped multipliers – all in sixty seconds. By
creating chains of destruction the tetrahedron earns the CHAIN
MULTIPLIER, causing cascading damage as exploding enemies in turn
blow up more enemies!

sixty second shooter is an homage to arcade classics such as
Asteroids, Space Duel, Robotron,and  Missile Command, given an
abstract glowing 3D look and a sixty-second game-time limit
that’ll have you saying, “Just one more
game…,” over and over.

sixty second shooter was the unheralded first game to use
Chrome’s Native Client and OpenGL to bring a high-framerate
3D experience to the browser – it’s a hidden gem in the
Chrome Web Store.


sixty second shooter is available NOW at

The game is free-to-play. It is ad supported, but players can
pay to buy extra energy for temporary upgrades and permanently
suppress the ads. The temporary upgrades give an advantage in the
game, but player skill is more important, and bonus free energy is
given out every day.


Nice things people have said

“This game is a hidden gem. It’s worth getting into.” – Tomo
Moriwaki, producer of Medal of Honor and creative director of
Spider-Man 2.

“I can’t think of another game, even on console,
that lets you blow up so much stuff in so little time.”
– Theo Blank, sixty second shooter enthusiast

“I love twin stick shooters, and this is a good one. I
like the core mechanics a lot. The continuous shooting plus
missiles is genius.” – Isaac Barry, creative director
of The Leftovers

“It reminds me of Asteroids, only one hundred million
times better. And I actually have an Asteroids arcade machine at
home. This game is really out of this world.” –
Joseph7099, sixty second shooter enthusiast

“I was really impressed.” – Nicholas Puleo,
editor of Co-Optimus



- runs in your Chrome browser

- runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeBooks

- loads almost instantly

- free to play

- no sign-in necessary

- ‘always on’ shooting – aim the mouse to
direct your continuous stream of bullets; click to fire guided
burst-radius missiles

- highest framerate of any 3D browser game we’ve seen

- only takes 1-3 minutes to play (depending on how many
slow-time powerups you use) – play a few rounds on your
break, move up in the leaderboards, do other things with your

- set your own difficulty by flying through portals to the
hardest level you can handle.

Things Not Included:

- boring cutscenes

- byzantine backstory and setting material

- long load times

- quick time events

- crates


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