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17 Feb 12 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Cards

Product Details

Over the years, Topps Chrome has become one of the hobby’s most dependable brands. Relying on a nice mix of shiny base cards, colorful refractors and autographed rookie cards, the lineup caters to a broad mix of collectors. 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball sticks largely with what’s familiar and steps it up with a few new wrinkles. Of the new content, die-cut designs lead the way. The Dynamic Die Cut checklist has 50 cards. Inserted just one per hobby box, individual singles are a tough find. The die-cut theme continues with Cut From the Same Cloth, double-sided dual autographs. Of course, 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball still boasts the plentiful Refractors, which come in nine different designs. Every third hobby case has a Refractor hot box. At least 25 rookies have autographed variations, which also come with Refractor rainbows.

Estimated Release Date: 8/29/12
Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, four cards per pack
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Chromies, Refractor Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Player Collectors, Set Builders, Die-Cut Card Fans

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Box Break

  • Two Autographs
  • One Dynamic Die Cut Card
  • Eight Refractors
  • Four X-Fractors
  • 96 Total Cards

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Product Highlights:

  • 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball comes with a 220-card base set that blends veterans and rookies.
  • Refractor parallels: Refractors (1:3), X-Fractors (1:6), Blue Refractors (#/199), Black Refractors (#/100), Sepia Refractors (#/75), Gold Refractors (#/50), Red Refractors (#/25), Atomic Refractors (#/10), Printing Plates, Super-Fractors (1/1).
  • Base set has Autographed Patch Variations. Available only in hobby packs, the cards are limited to 10 numbered copies.
  • Autographed Rookie Card Variations are available for at least 25 players and feature on-card signatures. Inserted two per box, collectors can hunt for the likes of Jesus Montero, who is pictured with the Mariners, and Matt Moore.
  • Autographed Rookie Card parallels: Refractors (#/499), Blue Refractors (#/199), Black Refractors (#/100), Sepia Refractors (#/75), Gold Refractors (#/50), Red Refractors (#/25), Atomic Refractors (#/10), Printing Plates, Super-Fractors (1/1).
  • Dual Autographs (ten cards, #/10) are new to the Topps Chrome brand.
  • Autographs Chrome Buybacks (ten cards, #/10) feature players who didn’t have a signed Topps Chrome rookie.
  • Numbered to 10, Chrome Encounters Autographs focus on big-name stars like Justin Verlander, Chipper Jones and Adrian Gonzalez.
  • Just as the name suggests, Dynamic Die Cut cards feature interesting shapes on Refractor stock. With 50 cards in the set and falling just one per box, expect to pay a premium as player collectors and set builders clamor for singles. Parallel: Autographs (#/25 or less).
  • Cut From the Same Cloth are double-sided die-cut autographs. Exclusive to hobby packs, the cards are numbered to 5. Pairings include Jose Bautista/Brett Lawrie and Buster Posey/Joe Mauer.
  • Every third hobby case comes with a Refractor Hot Box.
  • Random hobby packs have redemptions for uncut sheets.

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