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14 Feb 12 Chrome for Android Mobile Browser Proves Speedy, Slick

On Feb. 6, Google unveiled the Chrome for Android, mobile version of the company’s Web browser, which is currently used by more than 200 million desktop users worldwide. Speed, ease of use, simple sign-in, privacy and bookmark sync are the key functions in Chrome for Android, which is currently in beta. Users can quickly scroll through Web pages. The browser also leverages the company’s Instant predictive search software to load top search results in the background as the user types. Mobile Chrome also includes a link preview feature that zooms in on links so that users don’t have to hunt and peck for content. eWEEK has always had a keen interest in Chrome on the desktop, so we felt we needed to test the new mobile browser. The caveat is that Chrome for Android only runs on Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, devices, which includes the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and some tablets such as MIPS’ Novo7. We asked Google for a Galaxy Nexus to test the new browser, and we received one for this test. Here is eWEEK’s hands-on exploration of Chrome for Android.

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