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22 Feb 12 Chrome for Android will improve by “leaps and bounds” soon

Chrome for Android will improve by “leaps and bounds” soon

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Who has tried out the new Chrome for Android beta? While we love it here at Android Community it’s still in beta and has a ways to go, not to mention be available on more devices. Today Chrome’s Senior VP Sundar Pichai had a sit down and was able to chat about Chrome and Chrome for Android with CNET, and had some interesting things to say regarding the browser and it’s future.

While Pichai had plenty to say regarding the Chrome Browser its the part for Android that had me interested. Speaking about the amount of downloads (almost 500,000), and how they plan to improve it in the future — talking about feature requests and more. Here is what he had to say:

Given that it’s a beta product and only available on ICS, we’re really happy where it is. I think most people haven’t experienced it on tablets. They will discover a lot of good things there as well.

Regarding updates and features he also mentions the two biggest being full-screen browsing, and the option to set browser to show the desktop version of sites by default. Something many do today and we wish Chrome had out of the gate. He mentions both make sense, and they will being updates soon that will bring said features. They just want to do it correctly, and well. Pichai also had this little comment that gives me tons of hope for the future.

We are going to continue releasing Chrome for Android at a pretty healthy pace. In a year from now, we’re going to take leaps and bounds.

What this means for Android we don’t know at this moment, but we have a feeling it will be something major. Many have talked about merging Android and Chrome OS, and while that could potential be something he’s hinting at — that is very far away. Could Android become a unified platform for phones, tablets, desktops and homes in the future?

Hopefully the Chrome for Android rollout with continue strong and more devices will have access soon. He also briefly talks about Adobe Flash, HTML 5, and Google making money with Chrome for Android. If you haven’t tried Chrome for Android yet we urge you to give it a try today.

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