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03 Feb 12 Google Chrome Gets Endorsement From German Government

Chrome is recommended for safest Internet browsing experience ever.

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Google’s adoration from governments is no longer limited to the United States because now they’ve earned some love from Germany. In a statement released this week, the Federal Office for Information Security made several recommendations for PC users running Windows on how to use the Internet safely. Several topics are covered, such as virus protection software and ISPs, and when it came to selecting the browser that would provide the most protection against cyber attacks, they recommended Google Chrome.

From the release (I don’t read German and so this is translated using Chrome’s built-in translating device so I remove myself from any responsibility for awful translations):

By using Google Chrome in conjunction with the other measures outlined above, you can reduce the risk of a successful IT greatly reduce attack.

Equally beneficial in Google Chrome is the auto-update feature, which also integrated the Adobe Flash Player covers. Thus, the Adobe Flash Player is kept up to date.

The report goes on to say other encouraging things about Chrome, such as calling it a “central component for using any online service.” Google accepted the endorsement graciously (is there any other way to accept praise, though?) in a post to their official blog earlier today:

Security has always been a core focus of Chrome, so we’re particularly honored to see several of its security benefits recognized in the report.

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