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23 Feb 12 Google Launches Chrome Web Browser

American multinational internet and software corporation specialized in internet search cloud computing, Google has introduced into the market Chrome, a web browser application now available on Android smartphone.

With the new software, user’s familiar, personalized browsing experience goes with them wherever they go.

Google Communication and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade in a statement informed that, “Bookmarks and favourite websites will now be automatically synchronised to your Android smartphone, and to any other computer, anywhere in the world, when you sign in to Chrome.

With the new product, he explained that users can get all of Chrome’s awesome features on their mobile phone including speedy searching.

This according to him is made possible as a result of features such as Instant Pages, a simplified layout in which Chrome’s famous ‘omnibox’ doubles as both a search box and address bar, and the ability to browse privately using Incognito mode.

In addition, Chrome for Android ‘stacks’ web pages like a deck of cards, allowing you to shuffle easily between open tabs. And, best of all, because you can have Chrome running on your home computer, office computer and mobile phone, you’ll be able to use your Android smartphone to instantly view web pages that you’ve left open on your laptop, or send yourself web pages to read later on your smartphone, even when you don’t have a phone signal.

“Chrome for Android makes it easy for you to take your web everywhere you go. That makes it easier than ever to get to the stuff that matters to you – the letters, photos, music and movies that more and more people are beginning to store online” he further explained.

He said that users who deploys the application will never never have to worry about remembering a password for their online bank account meaning that they can check their balance from their smartphone during a night out.

” It means you’ll be able to use any computer to show off your holiday photos and videos; it puts your favourite websites at the touch of a button, no matter whether you’re browsing the internet on a computer or your Android smartphone; and it makes it easier than ever to collaborate and share with the people who matter most to you” he added.

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