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05 Feb 12 Update To Google TV Adds Chrome Speedup And Blu-ray 3D

If you own a Sony Google powered device then you may be in for a pleasant surprise. According to a Google TV tweet, Sony devices running Google TV should be getting an update very soon. This latest version of Google’s OS will enable the TV version of Chrome run somewhat faster. There is also now support for Blu-ray 3D.

google tv 300x276 Update To Google TV Adds Chrome Speedup And Blu ray 3DGoogle TV has confirmed that this update is in the pipeline through their Google TV Twitter account.

They are promising to have the new firmware ready “this week.” this update will only apply to Sony Internet TV’s from about a year ago, and that 3D part only applies to a small amount of Sony Blu-ray players that has Google TV as well.

It will not include Logitech Revue which was abandoned due to poor sales. Google TV are hoping that a major comeback in 2012 will happen, as support has finally been confirmed from some of the other highend TV manufacturers.

But the question stays as whether consumers will see any value in having a computer built into their TV sets, that still is a largely passive consumer electronic device. The main thing it lacks is a collection of apps and content that can add to the TV experience.

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