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20 Mar 12 Chrome overtakes IE… for a day

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By Nicole Kobie

Posted on 20 Mar 2012 at 08:30

Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer as the top browser globally over the weekend – but only for the weekend, according to StatCounter.

The analytic firm’s data showed Chrome grabbed 32.7% market share on Sunday, pipping IE’s 32.5%%, a milestone first noticed by Tom’s Hardware.

The next day, IE regained it’s lead with a 35.3% share over Chrome’s 30.3%, suggesting the Microsoft browser is used more during the week than its Google rival by a margin of five percentage points.

StatCounter reported Chrome overtook Firefox in December.

StatCounter chart

However, StatCounter’s report doesn’t agree with rival analytics firm Net Applications’ statistics, which still ranks IE in the lead with 53%, Firefox in second at 21% and Chrome in third at 19%.

StatCounter’s data comes via tracking web traffic, with the largest portion of its hits from US websites. It doesn’t weight data by country to remove bias, which Net Applications does.

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