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02 Mar 12 Chrome to be deployed on State Department computers worldwide

US state dept - chromeAcross the internet, Google Chrome is often touted as being the safest and fastest browser out there. The browser has even survived a hacking contest with million dollar prizes for those able to break in and cause some trouble. The sandboxed way that Chrome operates, combined with the speed and fluidity of things like updates, and it just makes sense to give Chrome a try. In fact, at last month’s State Department Town Hall meeting, that’s exactly what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced they were going to do.

On January 26th, when Secretary Hillary Clinton was asked what could be done about the painfully slow update process for Internet Explorer, she announced that the State Department would be deploying Google Chrome to their offices worldwide. The conversation, which can be found at CSpan (skip to 35:00 or watch below), includes a deployment plan for Internet Explorer as well. Secretary Clinton warned that some internal software may not be initially compatible with Chrome, so it may be necessary to use Internet Explorer as well.

Google is expected to release a blog post later today outlining the details of their arrangement with the State Department, but the excitement from the people in the video make the reception of this news pretty clear. Obviously the news that Chrome will be available on State Department computers is something worth cheering about.

For the moment, there’s no information as to whether or not any other groups inside the government will have access to Google Chrome. For example, it is unlikely that government buildings that deploy air-gap networks will be seeing Chrome deployed anytime soon. The “Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process” that software has to go through to be formally used, even though many facilities are already able to deploy Mozilla Firefox. Any way you look at it, the acceptance of the browser by the State Department is a great first step towards Chrome being adopted across all of the US Government.

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