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13 Mar 12 Download Obie Trice’s ‘Watch The Chrome’ Mixtape

Download Obie Trice’s ‘Watch The Chrome’ Mixtape

Well, we’ve seen some interesting mixtape releases this year (people ripping on Nas’ Illmatic cover, some continually failing Gucci Mane scribblings, etcetera), but Obie Trice may have just dropped the worst in his Watch the Throne rip-off Watch the Chrome.

I’ll explain in case you need some light shed: “chrome,” as you might presume, can relate to several things: Google Chrome, one of the leading Internet browsing softwares available; chrome, as in a nickel-plated 9MM handgun; chrome, as in Yo, dis chrome on my car dope or I got dem chromes [rims] on my tires; chrome, as in chromium, a lustrous chemical element, also know as Cr on the Periodic Table.

I really don’t know which one it is, but whatever. Here’s a link to download the tape over at datpiff, and you can stream some sounds below.

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