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01 Mar 12 Google impresses with new Chrome for Android app

Barra was welcomed onstage by Google chairman Eric Schmidt, who was the keynote speaker at the conference today, and spent around 15 minutes running through the features of the new Chrome app for Android. The features certainly wowed the audience, and showed just how slick mobile browsing is becoming.

Barra begun by saying that Google created the new app, which was co-created by the teams of Chrome and Android, with three aims; to create a really fast browser that was clean and simple, and which met all the security requirements.

Barra showed the new app running on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and it is fair to say that the features were impressive, both for web navigation and for fast load times. The Google exec first showed off the new ‘Link Preview’ feature, which automatically zooms in on selected links, so users can get a clearer picture of what they are selecting.

Following on from that, the Google spokesman showed that the app is able to predict your selection from the first letter of search, and said that, as Google recognizes your favorite web pages, it pre-loads the web page for download, resulting in super-fast load times of under a second.

The app also demonstrates that Google has made some advancement with app navigation. Barra showed that Chrome app users will be able to swipe left and right between recently opened web pages, and demonstrated – even more impressively – that the new sync feature between mobile and desktop allows users to see the last web page they viewed on their desktop device, but on their mobile device. Furthermore, they can even view the search page before that on their Android smartphone or tablet.

Barra stressed that there’s no restriction for how many tabs you can have running at one time, and showed another new feature which allows the user to flip through web pages as if they are a ‘stack of cards’, with the user able to  pull out a page, or swipe away to get rid of it. The new app is available now in the form of a beta for both Android smartphones and tablets.

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