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03 Apr 12 Android: It’s real and I am loving it

Most Android users don’t care what OS is on their phone. Most iPhone users don’t seem to care either (in my own anecdotal experience).

However, there are those of us, like myself, who want those updates because they do matter. My own situation is a bit unique, but allow me to briefly explain.

I had a BlackBerry Storm2 from almost the time it came out. I upgraded to it from the original Storm, which was a slow but reasonable device for my needs. I felt that adding 3G and WiFi to it would make it a better phone, and for the better part of 2 years it did.

Then late in 2011 it started failing. I was due an upgrade in August, but was waiting out the Galaxy Nexus. Eventually it released, but I wasn’t convinced it was the best device for me, and with CES coming up, I figured I’d wait to see what was coming before I moved on.

In the meantime, my wife who still had her original Storm1 desperately needed a new phone, and she opted for the Droid Razr. Unfortunately, it was 3 weeks before the release of the purple Razr, which she then wanted. I would have tried my best to wait out the time until the Galaxy Note made its way to Verizon, but instead, I got stuck with her Razr, while she took my upgrade to nab the purple version.

It has been about a month now, and I utterly despise the phone. Battery life is atrocious. I don’t even have ICS to at least make it worthwhile, and Motorola, despite saying the phone and my Xyboard tablet would get it, are still spinning their tires. Supposedly the phone will be updated in Q3, but the tablet is still in planning.

It’s infuriating. It’s also making me reconsider just whether paying for these devices is worth it. It’s not like ICS just hit the market last week. Google is already on the cusp of moving on to the next version! There really is no excuse for devices to not have current software.

I understand there isn’t money in updating a device they’ve already sold, but when you sell it while touting its “ICS ready”-ness, then lollygag your way to actually doing it, it’s poor customer service. It also makes me increasingly unlikely to purchase your products going forward.

I admit I’m a bit envious of your Note. For me, that’s the epitome of a mobile device. A large (but not bigger than my pocket) screen, with a quality stylus input method, is exactly what I’ve longed for. Unfortunately, the earliest I can upgrade is late next year (by taking my tablet’s upgrade).

P.S. For anyone reading Matthew’s column, I’ve found him to be the most even-handed reporter on ZDNet. If you haven’t listened to his podcast, I suggest you do. He simply loves mobile products, whether from Android, Apple, Microsoft, or whoever. I’ve knocked other authors on this site for bias, but Matthew seems to be exactly what I expect from a serious journalist.

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