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16 Apr 12 Dark Legends lets Android players join up with those using Google Chrome

As the world of mobile gaming continues to grow and change, one of the most exciting possibilities has been the expansion of games across multiple platforms. The latest massively multiplayer online game from Spacetime Studios is going this route, allowing players on Android to interact with those on Apple’s iOS and even those playing on their PC.

The game is called Dark Legends, and it’s the latest in Spacetime’s series of 3-D MMO titles that are similar to big hits such as World of Warcraft or EverQuest. Players create characters and go on quests in each of Spacetime’s games, and the company has done a great job of creating titles that are on a small enough scale to make them viable as mobile products, while still keeping them large and engaging, drawing a community of more than 3 million players.

The studio also has been successful in keeping its games free, while pulling down revenue from in-app purchases and micro-transactions along the way. With Dark Legends, Spacetime is taking the ambitious projects that came before – Pocket Legends, its first title in the series, and Star Legends, the sci-fi themed follow-up – and working to expand its universe even further. Dark Legends is an Android and Google Chrome exclusive for now but will soon be available to iOS gamers too.

Like the titles that came before it, Dark Legends (which carries a supernatural theme in which players take on the roles of vampire characters as they fight the humans and other monsters threatening their society) will allow players to interact across mobile platforms. It’ll also let players who use Google’s Chrome web browser play along with those on mobile devices, as well. Both Spacetime’s previous games eventually gained that capability, offering free browser-based versions of the titles, but Dark Legends has already launched with multiple versions, potentially opening up the community even wider than before.

This is also Spacetime’s most adult game so far. Pocket Legends and Star Legends both had 3-D graphics, but they opted for a more cartoonish style and the subject matter was always kept relatively light in those games. Meanwhile, Dark Legends is quite a bit bloodier. While its 3-D graphics aren’t exactly pushing the envelope in terms of technical power, mostly to keep the game easy to run on lots of different devices, they’re still the most realistic the company has put forward yet. Spacetime’s latest offering takes its place as our top game of the week.

Cross-platform gaming has some real potential in the mobile sphere, and there are several titles that are already taking advantage of linking tablets and consoles, but beyond linking Android and iOS, it has yet to really catch on. Seeing Spacetime bring its game to lots of different platforms is something that would be great for more developers to emulate.

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