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12 Apr 12 Device syncing on-deck for Chrome

Chrome now offers Other Devices for tab syncing.


Google has started to warm up Chrome with features designed to make it interact more smoothly with
Android and other computers, as the summer’s Google I/O conference and a possible final street-ready version of Native Client wait in the wings.

Google Chrome 19 beta for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame landed today, updated with Other Device support. The new feature lets you access your Chrome tabs from other computers, and includes Chrome for Android if you’ve got an Ice Cream Sandwich device. The Other Devices option is available at the bottom of the New Tab page, next to the Recently Closed drop-down menu. Along with syncing open tabs, it also syncs that particular tab’s history, so you can navigate forward and back when you open it on a new device.

Today also saw the arrival of the developer’s build of Chrome 20 (download for Windows, Mac, Linux), which had given people access to Other Device support previously but now comes with a Chrome to Mobile option that lets you send a page directly to Chrome for Android. You still have enable the option in about:flags, but it does give you the ability to send a URL directly to Chrome for Android. It’s basically Google’s in-house version of Chrome to Phone.

Google has made available the full revision logs for Chrome 19 beta and Chrome 20 dev. As of yet, there’s been no official Native Client progress update . That’s likely to change as work progresses on Chrome 19 and Chrome 20.

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