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12 Apr 12 Dropping Instagram already? Try these Android alternatives

It seems like almost immediately after news broke of Instagram getting gobbled up by Facebook, the hip photo-based social app became just a little less cool. Droves of Instagram users cried bloody murder, and many went on the hunt for a new photo app to crown the coolest.

Dramatics aside, the reality is that Instagram is not irreplaceable. We
Android users should know, since until a couple of weeks ago, we were perfectly fine without it. As I said in my review, it is anything but a powerhouse shooter, and it’s filters are getting a bit stale. What Instagram does have, though, is powerful sharing, both to outside social networks and to its own internal network of users. That’s why I jumped on board. And that’s why I’m staying on for now.

But for those users who aren’t so keen to stay on the Facebookstagram ship, there are at least a handful of other photo apps for Android, that can share just as powerfully. Here are three of my favorites. While none of them can boast 30 million users like Instagram can, they all have strengths that are worth a look.

Lightbox Photos)

Lightbox Photos
When it comes to sharing photos, Lightbox offers quite a few more options than Instagram does. As expected, it can share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare, as well as to its own social network. But what’s nice is, it lets you mark each pic Public, Unlisted, or Private. Unlisted photos can only be viewed with the hyperlink, and Private photos are for your eyes only. All pictures, regardless of privacy setting, are backed up for you on your Lightbox account.

If you’re interested in filters, Lightbox offers about as many as Instagram does, but with a wider variety of styles, including one HDR filter that’s as non-vintage as you can get.


Like Instagram and Lightbox, Picplz is another camera replacement app with its own built-in social network. It lets you geotag photos, add captions, and of course, share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and more. It comes with a nice variety of filters and is incredibly simple to use — much like Instagram. What’s more, you can view your Picplz activity on the Web, which again, is difficult to do with Instagram. What I like most about Picplz is its user interface. It’s clean and simple to navigate.


I know. These days, Yahoo is anything but “cool.” But the fact is, the Yahoo-owned photo site Flickr still has at least a bit of swagger. And this app connects with the site beautifully. Overall, it’s dead simple, looks nice, and is a nifty tool for storing select mobile photos in the cloud.

If you’re looking for a powerful snap-and-share photo app, then Flickr may not be it. It offers a few filters, a caption field, the ability to share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or e-mail, and that’s about it. So really, it’s draw is the Flickr community. Since Flickr has long been a destination for photo enthusiasts on the Web, its users are incredibly active, which is reason enough to give it a try.

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