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17 Apr 12 iPhone, iPad Alternatives: 10 Worthy Android Devices

Apple’s iPhone and iPad are great buys for would-be mobile customers, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be replaced by something new and exciting. In fact, there are a host of Android-based devices on store shelves right now that might just make Apple’s products far less appealing to both enterprise users and consumers. That means that this might be a good time to examine which of the best Android tablets and smartphones on the market today could make at least some customers think twice about buying an iPhone and iPad. Granted, the following devices might not all be able to stand up against the iPhone and iPad, feature for feature, or on price. But for those who don’t want to succumb to the Apple craze, they might just be worthwhile alternatives. Flip through the following slides to find out about Android smartphones and tablets that might be worthy alternatives to the iPhone or iPad. You’ll find some obvious choices, like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but you might also come across some other devices you haven’t thought about.

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