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15 Apr 12 Launch Of New Range Of Chrome Hand Controls For Harley-Davidson Handlebars

Demon’s Cycle Inc., a custom motorcycle builder and custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts supplier, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of chrome hand controls for 1996 onward single disc Harley-Davidson handlebars. These stylish high quality chrome kits contain everything needed to customize and upgrade a Harley including ergonomic clutch and brake levers, master cylinder, switch housings and the relevant brackets.

One key way to customize a bike is to change its handle bars, and Demon’s offer a superb range of custom handlebars including dozens of different variations like drag, t-bars, ape hangers and fat bars. All of these parts are available in chrome. But once the handlebars have been upgraded the next step for the perfect customization is to upgrade the hand controls.

Demon’s hand controls, which are engineered and assembled in U.S.A., fit all single disc 1996 and Up Harley-Davidson models and they will work with any 1984-1995 single disc model with simple rewiring. It is also possible to update most models from 1972-1984 to the latest style by changing the control cables.

“Customizing a bike is a very personal thing,” said Tom Steinbacher, owner of Demon’s Cycle. “Each of our customers wants something special, something unique for their bike. These chrome hand controls offer class, quality and an unbeatable price. The perfect combination for any customization project.”

For those who want to change the standard switches to chrome switches, Demon’s Cycle also offers a custom kit with chrome switches and accompanying wire harness. These high quality kits come with pre-soldered wires which are color-coded for easy installation.

About Demon’s Cycle

Demon’s Cycle is an multi-million dollar international custom motorcycle wholesale company that sells direct to the public. Based in Pompano Beach, South Florida, Demon’s Cycle was started more than nineteen years ago by Tom Steinbacher and has a reputation as a pioneer of radical motorcycle designs, Euro style bikes and custom chopper concepts. Demon’s Cycle is an international custom motorcycle wholesale company that sells to the public direct. As well as building custom motorcycles and selling rolling chassis, Demon’s Cycle specialize in the sale of custom parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They offer a wide range of parts including gas tanks, handlebars and all the necessary auxiliary components like air cleaners and wheels.

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