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20 Apr 12 New Chrome Extension to Serve up Google Offers

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google offers, chrome, chrome extension, daily deal mediaThis week Google announced the addition of Google Offers Chrome extension that will allow Chrome browser users to easily view local deals in a drop down box. When it comes to daily dealin’ this should give Google a big advantage over other daily deal sites, including the “Big Two”, Groupon and LivingSocial.

A number of studies over the last several months have shown that while consumers are still receptive to a good deal, they are getting burned out by the bombardment of email offers they have to put up with when they sign up with a deals site. Many consumers even admit to reaching a point where they are simply deleting the emails without even reading them. The new Chrome extension should help Google Offers avoid this problem of overloading its customers with excessive emails.

The new extension is available from the Chrome Web Store. It’s just a matter of downloading and then looking for the small button at the end of the browser address bar. Clicking on it on launches a drop-down box where you can choose from a list of major cities. So basically you get to look at offers when you want to and how frequently… or infrequently you want to.

After downloading the extension you’ll get instant access to deals for places to eat, shop and play, and you’ll receive notifications for new deals in your area right within your browser. You can also share your favorite deals with friends on Google+, Twitter and Facebook from the Chrome extension.

Google will be serving up its own offers as well as those from partner sites such as Gilt City, kgbdeals and zozi.

google offers, google, chrome, daily deal media

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