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07 Apr 12 The ins and outs of Google Play

The ins and outs of Google Play

google playYou’ve probably been hearing a lot about Google Play lately, especially if you’re an Android user. What exactly is it?

Well, in a nutshell, Google Play is the company’s attempt at re-branding the formerly-named Android Marketplace–going straight against iTunes and Amazon Marketplace–so you can find apps, books, movies and music all in one place.

Whether you’re an Android user, a Kindle reader, or an iOS devotee, here’s what it all means for you.


Aside from everything being conveniently together, Android users won’t notice too much of a difference. Any prior accounts,
selections, pending items you had in Google’s separate illars of
entertainment are still there, just consolidated into Google Play. 

cool for Android users is that everything you need is in one place and
since everything is cloud-based and cross-device, you can essentially
switch devices and media without having to start from the beginning.
Say, you’re watching a movie on your Droid while you’re waiting for your
son’s piano lesson to end, you can pick it up right where you left off
on your PC when you get home.

Plus small sparkly add-ons like $0.25 apps and specials are starting
to be more prevalent, making it a more fun shopping experience.

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