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28 Apr 12 Verizon Leak Reveals Android 4.0 ICS Upgrades for May

Three Verizon 4G LTE phones are slated to eat Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich in May.

If you’re one of the many, many Verizon subscribers waiting on your upgrade to Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, chances are you’ll be waiting for quite a while if you even get the upgrade at all.

Last we heard, Verizon was merely giving a short list of 4G LTE devices a frozen treat, consisting of 14 smartphones and tablets from HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG. So far 3G smartphones aren’t even on the radar despite what manufacturers are reporting such as Sony which claims its 2011 Xperia smartpones will receive the ICS upgrade any day now. We’ll see if Verizon is that generous.

“It’s a frozen snack that many in the Android community have been eager to try since ICS launched in December 2011 on the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung,” Verizon teased back in March. “The redesigned user interface includes many cool enhancements, including upgraded multitasking capabilities, notifications and Web browsing.”

We now have a little more information about Verizon’s ICS rollout thanks to a leaked roadmap. According to the plan, the HTC Rezound will receive an over the air update on May 9th, with the Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx following on May 21st. Both the 3G and LTE versions of the original Xoom tablet are currently in testing with no delivery date set as of yet.

Unfortunately, that’s it. Nothing else is currently on Verizon’s immediate roadmap, meaning that development and testing probably hasn’t started on the company’s other devices in the lineup. As for other qualified devices not on Verizon’s Lucky 14 List, the Big Red said last month that it will continue to update the ICS upgrade lineup as additional details become available throughout the year.

Outside the ICS upgrades, Verizon’s roadmap for the week of April 24 shows that the LG Revolution, HTC Rhyme, LG Spectrum and Droid Bionic have updates in testing, or updates on hols and ready to be rolled out. These updates are expected to do nothing more than squash bugs rather than upgrade the entire OS.

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