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28 May 12 Apple Beats Android in Europe Not in US

While it is the ongoing competitive tussle between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android that grabs the headlines, it is easy to forget just how far ahead these two operating systems have pulled ahead of the rest. The latest figures from the London headquartered Adfonic show 83% of ad impressions globally originate from iOS or Android-powered handsets.

Apple’s iOS is responsible for the largest proportion, 45%, of ad impressions on the global network. It is particularly strong in Europe where it accounts for 52% of impressions.

In the U.S. however, it is Android that leads with a 46% share, according to Adfonics inaugural Global Admetrics report. The regional variations extend to other platforms, reports Mobile Marketing.

Symbian is relatively popular in Africa (20 per cent) and Asia (8 per cent), but its proportion of ad impressions is negligible in other regions. In terms of clickthrough rates, mobile ads on devices using Android outperform those served to devices using iOS in entertainment, lifestyle and social networking mobile apps and sites. Despite its current problems, RIM nonetheless has two BlackBerry handsets among the top eight devices by volume of ad impressions, and while devices using Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 currently make up a small proportion of global ad impressions, it is interesting to note that these operating systems demonstrate very positive click-through rates.

It also seems there is one type of content that is most effective for mobile advertisers.

In line with wider industry trends, apps and mobile sites featuring games enjoy the biggest proportion of mobile ad impressions, accounting for 44 per cent in Europe and for more than 30 per cent across all other regions except Africa. Games content also sees the strongest clickthrough rates globally of any content category, and generates the highest earnings for publishers and developers.

A full copy of theAdfonic report is available for download.

Mobile Marketing: iOS and Android Account For 83 Per Cent of Adfonic’s Ad Impressions

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