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28 May 12 Chrome beats Internet Explore in global Web browser race

We’ll just pass by with only a minor acknowledgment of the apparent desperation as you seek to find a way to pull out a win here. Though, to be honest, I cannot see why it really matters. The days of IE dominance in browsers is gone and gone for good. No one will ever be number 1 the way IE was.

But, let’s take a look at the point I would take away, were I one to fret over IE being number one.

So, developing nations are still using XP. Yeah. They’re people too and you should check that US-centric view because everyone, even your heroes Microsoft, are way past parochialism.

Microsoft wishes to encourage people to leave XP by having the browser and office suite leave it behind. All the other browser makers keep supporting XP. The web experience is no longer browser-tied. (Though, there was a death in a friend’s family last week. I visited the mortuary’s obituary page and video tributes were Windows Media Player only. Le sigh.)

I argued back in 2009 that Job 1 for Windows 7 was to get Windows users off of XP, but, Microsoft priced Win7 and set up the process to discourage upgrades from XP. I think they do this because their OEM partners would rather Microsoft was pushing the line “Time for a new computer.” Here’s the result, three years later and the still high usage of 11 year old XP is frustrating Microsoft’s goals regarding IE.

So, I come back to the point, Microsoft has to make the upgrade from XP to Win8 very easy and at minimal cost, or else they will continue to see large numbers of their users holding back on ancient os versions, and that is not in Microsoft’s strategic interests.

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