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02 May 12 Chrome marketing is exceptional

Love makes the world go round, and, c`mon, who doesn’t love a good relationship story? But love stories aren’t easily told — one reason there are so few classics. But Google has done just that in 90 seconds. Take a moment to watch the embedded video over your morning coffee and bagel, donut or scone and tell me if you agree.

I don’t even recall where I saw the commercial — it was during some program I had recorded then watched on Monday evening. But as I fast-forwarded through the adverts, something about this one caused me to stop. Perhaps it’s subliminally related to the long length, seeing as most TV spots are no longer than 60 seconds. I actually rewound and watched a second time. Now that’s marketing.

Effective advertising is familiar, aspirational and, when about products, shows the benefits. Who can’t relate to unrequited love or desire to make a relationship work. Familiar and aspirational.

Google effectively does something else: Shows the benefits of multiple Google services, not just Chrome. There’s Gmail, in the message Mark sends Jen, and Google Docs in the plaintive request he makes to her. The commercial also shows YouTube, Picasa Web, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets and Google Plus, which all tidily fit longstanding Chrome marketing tagline: “The web is what you make of it”.

The same can be said about relationships. Love is what you make of it.

This story has no ending. We don’t know if Jen and Mark meet for coffee, or get back together. That’s how it should be. In this case, closure would take a way from the story.

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