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06 May 12 Chrome Triforce Emblem

Have you ever wanted a nice shiny Legend of Zelda Triforce emblem on your car? Well, so do a lot of other people which is why this Kickstarter project was started.

The project was devised to make the Triforce emblem a reality. The goal is to reach $10,000 within the next 27 days. Only a few people have backed the project at the moment, but over time we hope to help this noble cause reach it’s goal. Be sure to make the jump and check out all the info on the project.


The idea came to be a few weeks ago when I wanted to buy a decal or emblem for my car. I thought about it, and decided I wanted a triforce emblem. I saw plenty of stickers online, but I really didn’t want to put a sticker on my car, I wanted something shiny. I found superman emblems, batman emblems, and even transformer emblems, but not a single triforce!

I decided to take matters into my own hands to find out how to get one made. Turns out to be a pricey process for a good quality emblem. There are some cheap quality ones for $100 custom made, but instead I took the high road. I found out where to get professional chrome plated emblems made! The only problem is that I needed a pretty large minimum order and a substantial upfront tool cost.

It then hit me! How could I get this large order put together? Simple! Kickstarter! I took into account shipping costs, initialization costs, fees from Kickstarter and Amazon, and figured out how much each emblem would cost, and how many I needed to sell in order to make this worth while. $10,000 is a nice round number that’s a little more than the total I need to pull this off.

I hope this project will be a success, then we can all enjoy the emblems. If the funding is successful, more emblem designs can become a reality using this process!

Product Details:

The emblem will be 3″ high and 3.46″ wide. It will have a triple chrome-plated metal finish with an ABS plastic core. The design will have a 3D embossing.

I would love to be able to place this emblem on my car. One on the front and one in the back. It seems like a great idea for all Zelda fans, but the hefty $10,000 pledge goal for the project to start development seems a little doubtful. I hope they do well and wish them the best of luck with their goal. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think the pledge goal is a little high, or do you think it will be worth investing so much money into?

Source: Kickstarter

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  • Pfft.

    Money is no item when it comes to the Triforce.

  • My concern is will this company/person be able to get permission from Nintendo to make this a licensed product?

    • probably not, but as long as he states its a fan made product, it wont really matter

  • dang it…..i thought they meant “google chrome”

    • me too

  • Hurry the fuck up and make it then. I’ll take a dozen

  • i would love to pay… if my parents alowed me to
    *grumble* *grumble*

  • Once I can buy a car and have a driver’s license, that is the thing I will put on my car.

  • I have a golden Hyrule emblem on my car but this sounds awesome – so want one

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