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18 May 12 Google Chrome 19 adds tab sync, squashes 20 bugs

Google earlier this week released version 19 of its popular Chrome browser, patching a total of 20 vulnerabilities. Google has been releasing a new “stable” version of Chrome for the public every six-to-eight weeks, steadily resolving security weaknesses and adding new features in each new update.

In terms of new capabilities, Chrome 19 brings the ability to automatically share open tabs across devices, which requires that users be first signed in to Chrome and opt to sync their open tabs under “Advanced sync settings” in their browser settings. Once configured, other devices signed in with the same user account will be able to load open tabs by selecting them from an “Other devices” menu.

Describing the new feature in a blog, Raz Mathias, a Chrome software engineer, wrote, “The back and forward buttons will even work, so you can pick up browsing right where you left off.” Tab sync will not be enabled for all users immediately, says Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), but will be gradually rolled out over a number of weeks. In comparison, Mozilla has had tab sync since Firefox 4, which shipped in 2011.

Chrome 19 can be downloaded for Windows, OS X and Linux here. As usual, existing users should have been updated automatically. If you’re still on an earlier version of Chrome, a quick restart by shutting down all browser windows and relaunching Chrome should initiate a transition to the latest version.

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