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03 May 12 No Flipboard for Android today, but soon

Luke Westaway/CNET UK)

After much speculation that Flipboard was finally making its way to
Android, app geeks were disappointed today, as the highly-anticipated news reader did not debut at Samsung Mobile’s London press event.

Rumblings in the industry suggested that Samsung Mobile would make the big announcement shortly after showing off its forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S III device, but those rumblings proved false as the show closed with nary a peep about preloaded app partners.

However, our colleagues at CNET UK and CNET Asia did get a glimpse of Flipboard for Android preinstalled on their S III demo units, so it certainly looks like its release is imminent. We haven’t, though, received official confirmation that it will, in fact, ship with Samsung’s flagship Android device this summer.

We are currently reaching out to Flipboard, and will update with comments.

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