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09 May 12 Samsung, HTC Epitomize Challenge to Differentiate Android Smartphones

Android-supporting smartphone makers have vowed to make fewer but more distinctive devices in an effort to compete in a market that already offers business users and consumers many different options. Increasing numbers of smartphones, in increasing sizes—not to mention names that echo or build on earlier models—can make the options seem a blur of deep-black displays, curving design work and multicore processors. How can a user differentiate? Which is the right smartphone to get? Here, eWEEK brought together three newer Android phones, each running 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), and capable of running on a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network. While each has features that bring the others to mind, these smartphones also have details that set them apart. The HTC One X went on sale on the ATT network May 6 for $199. The Samsung Galaxy S III was introduced May 3 and will arrive in the United States this summer, though carrier news and pricing are still unknown. And from the CTIA Wireless show in New Orleans, which started May 7, Verizon introduced the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, which will arrive in “the coming weeks” at a price that’s yet to be determined. Are these phones distinct enough? Would a user switch networks for one? Alternately, could a $50 price tag, or possibly a waning interest in Android, get you to consider the Samsung Focus 2? Running Microsoft Windows Mobile 7.5, it was also introduced May 7.

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