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11 May 12 Sprint: Android 4.0 hitting HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO Design 4G in June

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HTC EVO 3D HTC EVO Design 4G Android 4.0 Sprint

Got an HTC EVO 3D or HTC EVO Design 4G phone on Sprint? Good news: You’ll be getting the Android 4.0 upgrade next month, according to the carrier.

During an interview at the CTIA mobile tech show in New Orleans this week, Sprint VP of Product David Owens casually mentioned the phones’ upgrade plans while discussing their newly launched counterparts on Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

The prepaid versions of the EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G are launching with Ice Cream Sandwich, Owens explained, while the original Sprint versions of both phones will receive their ICS upgrades “in the June time frame.” The phones will have HTC’s Sense 3.6 interface, however, not the newer Sense 4.0 seen on the One X and One S devices.

(The EVO Design 4G discussion starts at about 6:25 into the video; the EVO 3D discussion starts at the 8:20 mark.)

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