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02 Jun 12 Android 4.0 finally on the way to Verizon’s Xoom and T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II

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Android 4.0 Verizon Xoom T-Mobile Galaxy S II

Android fans, rejoice: A couple of long overdue Android 4.0 upgrades are finally on their way into the world.

Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for Verizon’s 3G/4G Motorola Xoom starting next Monday, June 4, the carrier has officially announced. The upgrade will be sent over the air, meaning you’ll get a notification on your tablet when it becomes available to you. You can also manually check for the upgrade by going into the “System Updates” section of your Xoom’s “About Tablet” settings menu.

As a flagship “Google experience” device, the Xoom should have gotten Ice Cream Sandwich long ago. The problem, according to one Android engineer, is “operator approval” — in other words, carriers like Verizon taking far too long to review and then pull the trigger on Google’s OS updates.

(On a related note, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus may actually get its long-delayed Android 4.0.4 upgrade sometime soon, too. It’s an incremental upgrade, relatively speaking, but still one that should have hit months ago. (Thanks for that, Verizon.) Big Red posted support documents for the upgrade earlier this week, and some users have reported receiving it already.)

The other good news is for owners of T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II. The T-Mo GSII will taste Ice Cream Sandwich starting June 11, according to a tweet sent by T-Mobile USA’s official Twitter account today. The tweet says the upgrade will be delivered via Samsung’s Kies application — for whatever reason, non-Nexus Samsung phones rarely seem to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of over-the-air upgrades — and that more details would be announced soon.

Android Power TwitterRemember, you can find the latest upgrade status for any phone or tablet in my Android 4.0 upgrade list. It’s always kept up to date with the most current info available for all devices.  

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