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16 Jun 12 Chrome Web Store Launches In Six More Countries With Offline …

The Chrome Web Store has just received several updates. These are not major changes, and upon first glance you might not see the difference, but these are changes worth knowing about, especially if you’re a developer, you like offline apps, or you live in Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco or the United Arab Emirates. If you live in one of these six countries, the Chrome Web Store is now available in your country, which means you can enjoy all the extensions and apps it has to offer. This also adds a substantial audience to existing apps in the store.

If you work with offline apps, or have developed one, you’ll be happy to know the Chrome Web Store now has a new section dedicated entirely to offline apps. Offline apps are apps that work regardless of your Internet connection, and the addition of this category means it’s now easier to find these apps among the huge available selection.

The last change in the Chrome Store has to do with usage stats, and is aimed at developers who would like to have better insight into their apps’ performance. Developers can now view a graph which can help them get a better understanding of how well their app is doing, for example how many times it’s been viewed, installed, etc. The data can be easily exported and downloaded as a CSV file. According the the Chrome development team, this is only the beginning for this feature, and we’ll see more capabilities added to it in the future.

Do these updates change your Web Store experience?

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