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06 Jun 12 Favorites lists also can be shared with Firefox, Chrome, other browsers

Some weeks ago, a reader asked how he could share his Favorites list between three computers, so that changes made to the list in the browser on one system would be conveyed to the other two automatically.In that column, I suggested he implement the “Windows Live Favorites” feature, an add-on to newer versions of Internet Explorer that has been designed for this very scenario.

To set this up, I suggested he visit this URL:

Since that column, several people have written in, asking for similar solutions to other browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome. Thankfully, as with IE, this also is easily accomplished.

In Firefox, you can share your Bookmarks (i.e. Favorites) between browsers, as well as browser tabs, add-ons and more, by enabling Firefox Sync. For more information, including instructions for setup, please visit this URL:

For Chrome, this can be accomplished by launching the Chrome browser on your computer of choice and then logging into your Google account. More information on how to set this up can be found at this URL:

As you can imagine, these are not the only browsers offering such capabilities. Richard Speroni of Palm City, for example, wrote in, touting similar offerings for the option-filled Opera browser.

“This browser has a feature called Opera Link that allows you to access your bookmarks, passwords and other items on any computer anywhere,” wrote Speroni. “You can even access these using a different browser.”

For more information on the Opera Browser, or to download it (it’s free), visit

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