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19 Jun 12 Fight! Chrome sync, Xmarks shred browser bookmarks

This morning I’m dealing with the wreckage after enabling Xmarks on both my Firefox and Chrome browsers. Xmarks is a cloud-based service that synchronizes bookmarks between browsers. It worked beautifully when I began using it with Firefox, but I wanted to use it as a cross-browser solution. When I added the extension to Google Chrome, however, everything went haywire.

Unfortunately for me, at some time in the past I had enabled the sync function in Chrome, and then promptly forgot about it….until now. When the two sync engines revved up they began fighting each other like battling tops. The dueling vortexes of updates and counter-updates destroyed the integrity of my bookmarks on every browser instance across several different computers. By the time I realized what was happpening I was left with many nested sets of bookmark folders, most of which are now empty. 

So here it is, Monday morning, and I find myself trolling through my Time Machine backups in hopes of turning back the clock.

If you’re considering a bookmark synchronization tool such as Xmarks, a word of advice: Make sure you haven’t already enabled a similar function within the browser. Turn off Google’s sync function in the Chrome browser settings before you begin.


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